This is the pre-launch stage with the latest kit, a 38″ wingspan Curtis Jenny Biplane, currently under the final stages of development. Send a note to to reserve your intent and interest in purchasing this model when it’s available.

This version is unique along it’s size in the RC aircraft kit market. It’s close to scale of the full sized plane with some revisions to make it sportier and more simple to assemble.

Sharing some of the design and build photo’s to show more along what went into this kit.

The airfoil is a thick Clark Y, with sheeting on the sides of the fuselage. General parts break down shown:

Sharing the build progress so far on the first one with the parts taped and simply resting generally in place. Additional parts are being custom designed to complete it in tangent.

The main gear compliment that will be used for this plane:

A2212 1400KV RC Brushless Motor


SG90 Micro Servo 8060 Propeller

The battery is a 1300mAh 45C 3S 11.1V.

I’m sharing the Amazon links for easy reference, this particular plane has more stringent dimensional requirements for the battery and motor physical size so make sure what ever you use is matching it in that area. The thrust to weight ratio with this configuration is close to or better then 2:1, vastly more then enough power then needed for simple scale flying.

The covering stage has began. I am using some lightly misted in orange Doculam.

I designed up some strut mounts and main struts to be pretty simple to install and adjust. There are extra holes at the base of the strut mounts to allow for piano wire to feed through instead of having to rely upon rigging to keep everything true.

Adding some extra details to the fuselage. The rim of the cockpits are made from painted 1/16″ stock keeping it simple.

I added the windshields made from .030 Midwest brand clear sheeting, something pretty easy to handle to get the curves right without needing anything special to do outside of a heat gun and bending it into place by hand after cutting out from the pattern I created, which will be included in the kit.

Keeping things neat on installing the gear for the upper wing. The center sheeting is a great place to stuff in the y cable and extra lengths of other leads. This leaving only one line to be routed a bit more tactfully.

Getting the base assembly taken care of, moving on to the rest of the details. So far, only 450 grams, total flying weight to include the battery as well.

More photo’s shared and a reminder that this is still a work in progress, more to come along further development of the plane for the rest of the necessary components.