Thanks for taking the time out to visit, this is an ongoing project of mine to support those that build and fly RC aircraft, in particular Park Flyer scale, which is around the 40″-36″ wingspan, 2 pounds or under category. Smaller models are also not out of the question and added based upon inspiration and demand. Expect more general stuff along build guides outside of my lines, personal insight and the rest, for now, read on and share with your friends the web site. I can attest, going from from a scratch and kit builder over the years, now offering my own kit lines with a laser cutter has been a positive thing from day one.

My operation is based in the Pacific North West, USA, from the idea, design, creation, to shipping for the kits are done in house. Personalized handling as well, bundled parts rather then a sheet of stock you have to wrestle out of, to a range of extra tlc in support is gladly extended. Being a life long builder myself, I do my best to help others from their very first build, or those that have more advanced skills, excel upon, they are not alone and there is no such thing as a dumb question.

The web site is also a big support structure, folders to files and text shared, helpful, there is an advantage for having update upon request support photo’s and documentation compared to merely having some sales brochure online element or worse, only a printed piece of paper. I truly care about your adventure along the build and flight, to fine tuning, enhancing, those that want to also kit bash and revise too.

I am less as just a ware supplier, more of simply a friend with experience, skills, and gear to help out. I don’t sweat it for the scratch builder that does a custom request for a series of parts they just don’t want to deal with any more then someone brand new to RC and needs some direction along dihedral and thrust angles and a wide range of things, this is welcomed to accommodate.