Introducing the all-new, redesigned Mini Mambo – a classic vintage kit revised and updated for the modern era for electric flight! Laser-cut tab and slot construction for easy assembly and a sturdy build.

The Mini Mambo wingspan as it was originally is 36″, length of 25″, and 1 pound flying weight.

This model is a true milestone, breathing new life into a beloved vintage kit.

Keeping affordability in mind, it’s offered as a short kit, priced at a pocket-friendly $60.00 each. With a flat shipping rate of $15.00 anywhere in the lower US. For international customers in Canada and the UK, I’m happy to accommodate shipping, though rates may vary.

As these kits are cut to order, please allow approximately a week for processing before they are shipped out.

Mini Mambo Short kit


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Updated kit contents, showing the additions, Doculam Covering “similar to Monocoat but in clear” and printed wing plan which are standard included with the Mini Mambo kits. Additional ribs shown over the stock 10 can be ordered for those that want to build a second, non dihedral, aileron control clipped wing upon request.

Plans for the plane and parts and additional construction diagrams and information.

Sharing some of the build process here: